Requirements For Model Christian School Leadership

25 April 2017
 Categories: Education & Development, Blog

Christian school leadership requires more than the belief in Christ. Christian schools worth their salt have to set higher standards for those leading their staff and the education. If you are about to enroll your child in a Christian school, you should meet with its principal to see if the principal stands up to the following requirements.

A Greater Understanding of Faith-Based Education

Being a principal usually means that the person has been a teacher first. The teacher applied for an open position as principal and was selected by peers or a school board for the job. However, under a Christian education system, the candidate for principal must demonstrate a greater understanding of a faith-based education and what it means to teach children about Christ's central position in their lives. As such, the candidate may be a youth pastor serving in the church, a former missionary, etc. Be sure to ask the principal how he/she serves the connected church in other ways.

An Upright and Forthright Personality

Christianity requires that its followers have morals and that these morals are followed strictly. Anyone serving the church or school must remain in the public eye as one who is very upright and forthright. It is a task that not many are able to do since consistently telling the truth, being frank and honest, and living a good, clean life are difficult tasks. While you can certainly ask the principal questions that would verify if he/she is a forthright person, nothing short of observation and asking other members of the school and church will verify if the leader of the Christian school is an upright person as well.

An Active Member of the Church Community

Most Christian schools also require that the candidate they hire for the principal's position be someone who is a longstanding and active member of the church community. If you attend the church that is attached to the school, you will be able to verify if the principal is an active member of the church. If the church has a church directory, you can also find the principal in it and see what he/she does within the church. All of this actively supports and proves that the leader of the Christian school is a model person for the job, and therefore the school is being led by the correct person. It is a school you would definitely want your child to attend.

Schools like New Hope Christian Academy & Early Learning Center should not only having upstanding leadership in the form of faculty and staff, but they should also foster the students as future leaders.